Tea Club


The purpose of TEA is to embolden us to build a stronger future together. The global economy is designed to suppress your ability for upward mobility, and that can change with TEA.

The revolutionary TEA Party makes its first move!

Join the thousands of holders in the Tea Party!

Get started by purchasing a ticket to the party. Initiation starts as low as 0.01 ETH to join the party. Future updates coming to hold you-know-who responsible. No central bankation without representation!

Support the cause

Only YOU CAN empower your fellow holders by creating a movement to unbank the central elites and take back your tea. Your funds will fuel our shared vision for no centralization, financial freedom, individual liberty, and a taste of tea, delicious delicious tea.


We must fight to improve.


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Buy Tax:


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About Us

We walk in the shadows. We are amongst many. We will overcome, and we will thrive.


After 16 days, half of the taxed amount post-expenses will be used to market buy a coin of the holders' choice which will be sold either after 16h, 1day and 6 hours or 16 days. If the coin is sold for a profit, the profit will be distributed to the 160 top holders in $TEA by selling the coin for $TEA. If the coin is sold at a loss, it will be sold for $TEA and all the funds will go back into the treasury.


We distribute pooled funds to those willing to embrace our way of doing things. We give power to the people, the disenfranchised, through a mechanism much more democratic and fair: decentralized. Funding those who are willing to revolt, those that have nothing to lose but their chains. Seeds in an idea bent on greater change, greater good.


Decentralization only works with full transparency. Tokenomics are secure and holders assured fair through a proper and fair launch. The revolution rises while central power declines. Thus, our holdings rise as the TEA brews!